Instant Joint Relief for Top Performance

Popular Use:

Shows, Wash Stalls, Crossties, Therapy Business, Farriers & Stalls

At Boston Equestrian we prioritize items that are durable and designed with safety and comfort in mind. Choosing products from reputable brands known for their quality can make a significant difference in the overall experience for both horse and rider. We are here to help with design guidance on equestrian products and mats.

Superior Convenience

Portable Durable Lightweight & Functional



Stall Mat orders may be changed within 48 hours if not yet shipped. If shipped or labeled, cancellations are not accepted and sales are final. For outstanding circumstances, please contact us and we'll do our best to support your needs.

Apparel are required to be returned or exchanged in 30 days. Instructions for returns are included in packaging.

Mat Materials and Weight

Designs are cured to the mat with a UV ink technology, the surface is a high grade textured vinyl bonded to a 1.25” closed cell foam. Our Performance grade mats are specially made to sooth and support our large animals. 5x10 are 25lb

Custom Orders

Custom orders require vector file for design. If you do not have vector file we can use a pdf or a high rez JPEG/PNG. For non vector file there may be a charge to have our artist recreate your logo in high quality.


Stall Mats

Limited Warranty covers one year from manufactured defects. 

*Coverage excludes wear and tear. Please expect some damage / tears and foam breakdown will occur from normal use with large animals.

*Not recommended for animals that excessively ‘paw’ the
ground/mat. This may cause rapid wear and is not covered under warranty.

Customer Service

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:00pm. Average answer time: 24h